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WPG54G V2 Notebook Adapter Software Will Not Load

Greetings. Due to problems with my Compact Presario 1635, Running Windows 98SE. I had to reload my software. All went well until I tried to reload the Notebook Adapter. I shut down all running programs and had not inserted the card yet. I ran the Installation Wizard and received the "Congratulations" message and asked to reboot. Upon rebooting, I recieve the followin message:
Wireless-G Notebook Adapter V.2.0
Wireless Network Monitor
10038: Socket operation on non-socket.
A small window with "OK".
When I click on "OK", the message goes away and nothing else happens. If I go into my "Programs" list, Wireless-G Notebook Adapter Utility is there but when I click on it, the message above reappears. I have tried everything I can think of to get this software reloaded but I'm out of ideas. Can anyone help?
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Re: WPG54G V2 Notebook Adapter Software Will Not Load

You are getting an error regarding your TCP/IP stack. It seems to be corrupted. try searching google for a winsockfix for your Win98 PC.

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