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WUSB100 Adapter will not save WEP key

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I have installed this adapter 3 times in Win XP Pro but every time I reboot,I have to go through the whole process again. It does not save the WEP key for some reason. Anyone else have this problem?

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Re: WUSB100 Adapter will not save WEP key

Un-install the Linksys Monitor/Software and re-install the adapter and use winxp utility(wzc) to connect to your wireless network...

After you have un-installed the adapter, take out the adapter and just put the cd in the cd-rom...When you get the welcome screen you need to click exit...Now connect the adapter and look for the message found new hardware...Click on Install the software automatically(recommended) and click next...It will install the adapter drivers...Once finished right click on the wireless connection icon displayed at the right hand corner of your computer screen and select View Available Wireless Networks...Select your network from the list and click should get a prompt to enter your network key...Enter your WEP Key and confirm it and click connect...It should connect to your network and internet both...This will automatically create your Wireless Network profile and your WEP Key will be saved...

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Re: WUSB100 Adapter will not save WEP key

This worked fine,thanks a million.
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Re: WUSB100 Adapter will not save WEP key

i had the same problem with linksys WLAN software, i followed your instructions and uninstalled the software (using control panel add/delete software utility).  lynksys network manager is not in the cp lasting, nor in my start>all programs listing.  reinstalled the adapter, and i started the wzc software.  everything is fine (wzc management), even thru hybernation and standby.  but if i power off - then when the system is rebooted, WLAN appears to block wzc from starting.  nothing starts.  when i 'view available networks', i have the message that another program is managing the network.  i can maunally start wzc and i am good-to-go until i power down again.


there is some small residual of WLAN that i still need to kill.   can you help?  btw - w/xp with sp3.