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WUSB100 Drivers

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I can't find my install CD for the drivers.

I tried the new web site and they are not there.

Does anyone have a link for the drivers Please?

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Re: WUSB100 Drivers
From Chris

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Re: WUSB100 Drivers

I guess they(Linksys) are still constructing the website and that is why the drivers are not listed, if you are looking for official linksys drivers you might have to wait for few more days...
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Re: WUSB100 Drivers

Those drivers Will Not work with the USB100, they are for the WUSB300N card.

I tried them before posting here.

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Re: WUSB100 Drivers

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Just talked with a chat support agent.  The driver for WUSB100 is located here:



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Re: WUSB100 Drivers

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Thanks that did work and I am using Vista Ultimate. If anyone is having a problem and would like me to email them the drive I would be happy to. Send me a PM with your e-mail address.




Thanks Again!!!


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Re: WUSB100 Drivers

Thank you for posting link to the driver page. I look all over site and searched all i found was a pdf guide on how to install Wireless Network USB Adapter


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Re: WUSB100 Drivers

thank you for posting this link. what a nightmare i've been through today trying to find drivers for this crappy **bleep** adapter. I've had 2 of these and they both broke within 6 months.
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Re: WUSB100 Drivers

Hello I have just bought wusb100 version2.0


I use win xp and i tried to install , i have a problem and installation process is closed by win


Can anyone help me ?

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Re: WUSB100 Drivers

  Is there an update to this link to download the driver for the WUSB100?