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WUSB100 - Windows 7 - error 0x00038002

I installed the adapter under windows 7. The operating system recognises the adapter but refused to make a connection with the network (the network itself was recognised. The error message was 0x00038002 sub code 0x00000002. Does somebody knows what is the meaning of this error code and how to resolve it?

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Re: WUSB100 - Windows 7 - error 0x00038002

If you are able to see the wireless network then I think the wireless adapter is installed properly.

Is your wireless network secured? If it is a secured wireless network then make sure that you are entering the correct network key or password.

If still not working the update the drivers of the adapter.

Download the latest drivers for this adapter from Linksys website and update the drivers.

Restart the computer and try to connect to the wireless network again.