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WUSB11v4 802.11b Driver Question

I'm sure this is a stupid question, but I'm just lost. I have a laptap with a WUSB11v4 802.11b Instant Wireless USB 2.0 Network Adapter.  When I connected a USB hub to the computer, it asked for the installation disk. I cannot find this, so I went to the following link to download the driver:
Once I unzipped the files, it copied some files over. Now it says that Windows (2000) cannot recognize the driver.  Does anyone know of the correct link for this driver?
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Re: WUSB11v4 802.11b Driver Question

Sounds like you plugged it in first, then downloaded the files.  That's backwards.
Unplug adapter. 
Files are unzipped to C:\Linksys Driver. 
Go to Windows Explorer and this folder:
C:\Linksys Driver\WUSB11v4_08272004
Run Setup.exe.  Once complete it will probably reboot PC.  Then, plub in adapter.
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Re: WUSB11v4 802.11b Driver Question

I can't run Setup.exe. What's going on?