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WUSB54GC - Compact Wireless-G USB Adapter, BUT NO CD

I lost the installation CD to my WUSB54GC - Compact Wireless-G USB Adapter. How can I install it now?
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Re: WUSB54GC - Compact Wireless-G USB Adapter, BUT NO CD

Here you can download the setup.exe and the drivers
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help my wusb54gc usb adapter keeps disconnecting!!

when i first got my wusb54gc usb adapter i didnt get no signal from nothing then i had to move the adapter around the floor .some spots around the house had 10 percent signal but i cant connect to it whens its 10 percent or lower . then when i moved it around the stars in my house i live up stairs so i had to put the adapter on a step becuse the signal was 15 percent then i connected but it disconnects every 10 to 20 mints ,how can i make my signal stronger i have windows xp media center edition , the router is down stairs where some one else lives and thats where my signal comes from and where i have the adapter is on the stairs on its side where it pics up the 15 percent of the signal the router is 5 feet away from the adapter thats on the step on the stairs help me i need the signal to be stronger how can i do it.