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WUSB54GP won't connect to the internet

This is crazy...I install, uninstall and reinstall the latest software and drivers according to the website and I get a great signal, but the stupid thing WON'T CONNECT to the internet. It happily sees the router, and I know **bleep** well the encryption/key is right, but I can't get an IP address, as best I can tell...just "limited connectivity".

I see this problem repeatedly on this forum and Linksys techies are apparently nowhere to be found, leaving us poor sucker Linksys users in the lurch.

Please help, Linksys.....
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Re: WUSB54GP won't connect to the internet

I am having a similar problem.  My laptop is working fine, but my desktop says that it has limited connectivity.  It will not do anything.  I have rewired it all and even tried to reconnect the internet directly to the desktop - completely taking my new router out of the equation - and it still won't connect.  I have powered on and off so many times I've lost count.  All the websites say to use the computer you're having trouble with to connect to the internet, but I can't connect!! 
That computer says that it can't detect the router when I troubleshoot . . .
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Re: WUSB54GP won't connect to the internet

Hi… Do you have a wireless router or are you connecting via an AD-HOC PC to PC network?  If you have an ad-hoc network you need to provide a static IP address. If you have a router, is DHCP server enabled on it? Also make sure that wireless Mac filter is disabled.

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Re: WUSB54GP won't connect to the internet

In Ad-hoc mode what needs the static IP. The wusb54gp or the device connecting to it. If the wusb54gp then should I staticly asign it in Windows or in the LinkSys Monitor applett.