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WUSB54GS connect to router WCG200

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Im using WinXp and  WUSB54GS wireless adapter to connect to WCG200 router
Ok so now  i've 2 problem;
1)  i CAN connect to the internet to use internet browser or play brower online game  BUT if i open a program to play a online game i keep getting timed out..... Nothing is wrong with the password or wadever because right now im using the same computer the same adapter to post message here. But if i go and play this Particular game i'll get Timed out again... it doesnt happen in the past Smiley Frustrated and when i get timed out in game i cannot go anyway including Browser anymore....
2) Sometime i switch on the computer, i click on the Web browser but i cant access to the internet. Why? I mean i have set the setting to meet the router yep including password and before i shut down computer i can access to the internet.
And i have to click on the same Profile to able to access again, the SAME profile....
Why? Why with the same profile i NEED to connect a few time before i finally manage to..
Pls enlghten me and TY  for ur time. Smiley Very Happy

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Re: WUSB54GS connect to router WCG200

1)      Well for online gaming you may need to open ports on WCG200 for that particular game try this link to get ports .

2)      I think there is problem with profiles on WLAN monitor, disable WLAN monitor and use Windows wireless software…