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WUSB54GSC will not connect! Any hope?

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Hi all, I am at my wits' end and beyond frustrated.  I just moved and when I unpacked my ANCENT desktop (circa 2005), the wireless adapter, that had worked with no issues in my last home, would not connect to the internet.  I bought a new one, a My router and internet connection are working just fine, as I am able to get on my laptop with no problems whatsoever.  After doing many online searches and two long chat conversations with Linksys tech support, no one can seem to figure out what the problem is.  The last Linksys person I talked to suggested that it might be the router settings that are preventing my PC from connecting.  My internet provider (who provided the router) confirmed that there is nothing with the settings to prevent me from connecting to any device.


This is what happened:  I installed the software with my new adapter.  It worked fine for a day or so until I rebooted my computer.  My friend messed around with it and somehow managed to get it to connect again (he has no recollection of how he did this). 


When I clicked on "Find Available Wireless Networks", NOTHING came up even though I knew I had not only my own network available, but others in my range.  I finally managed (with the help of the Linksys agent) to stop the Linksys software from managing the connection, and got Wireless Zero Connection to manage the connection.  So now, when I click on my network, I get a little box that says, "Connected!", however in the list of available networks, it shows my network and says "Not Connected".  And of course when I try to connect to the internet it does not work.


I can't download a driver because I don't have the ability to hardwire this PC to the internet.  Plus, I got it to work before, so I figure there must be a way for me to get it to work again.


Thoughts?  Am I doomed to have to buy a new computer, or is there a way I can fix this?


THANK YOU in advance for any ideas!

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Re: WUSB54GSC will not connect! Any hope?

Do you know of any security passwords on your router? You might need to take note of that. Did you try unplugging the adapter and plugging it back again?

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Re: WUSB54GSC will not connect! Any hope?

If you have the CD that comes with the adapter then you can try uninstall Linksys software and install only the drivers of the adapter.


Remove the Linksys Adapter and un-install the Linksys Software from Programs menu. To re-install the Drivers insert the Linksys Setup CD into your CD-ROM drive. When the Welcome screen appears click Exit. Connect your USB adapter to the computer. When the Found new Hardware Wizard window appears, click Install the software automatically (Recommended) then click Next. Click Finish when the installation is complete.

Try to connect to the wireless network again. See if that works.


You can also download the latest drivers from Linksys website on any other computer. Save it on a Flash drive and transfer the drivers on your computer.

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Re: WUSB54G ver.4 will not connect! Any hope?

I have tried the version 1.0 drivers that are on the support page for this model. Those do not work since this is a ver.4 but there are no drivers for the version 4. All I can find are data sheets and user guides which do not help since I can't get the adapter itself to read.

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Re: WUSB54G ver.4 will not connect! Any hope?

Hi and Welcome to the Cisco Home Community.


Have you tried downloading the drivers from here?


Click on the downloads tab and chose the version 4 driver.

The Search Function is your friend.... and Google too.

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Re: WUSB54G ver.4 will not connect! Any hope?

I have a similar problem. I changed my hard-disk & reloaded the factory installed OS (Windows XP) and softwares using the system recovery disc and it works fine.

When I tried reinstalling the WUSB54G adapter (ver.4.0) which is working okay all this while, it cannot be installed. Everytime I run the supplied CD on the drive and the minute I connect the adapter as per onscreen instruction, the PC went blank (black screen) and then it will reboot with a message that it has recovered from a serious problem. I have to quickly unplugged the adapter.


Can anyone help please.




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Re: WUSB54GSC will not connect! Any hope?

I am searching for a driver fo WUSB54GC ver.3.    The download area has ver 1, ver 2, and ver 4..... not ver 3.


I cannot find my CD so I need to find the driver to download.   Any ideas?

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Re: WUSB54GSC will not connect! Any hope?

This is a direct download link to version 3 for windows xp  Click Me     or go to this link and click Downloads and then using the dropdown select version 3 and u will see your options.... not sure what OS u are running.... let me know how it goes..... thanks   Version 3 page

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Re: WUSB54GSC will not connect! Any hope?

took me a while to figure this out but it might work for others who's having trouble with the wusb54gc. ver 1 ( the gray one)

windows 7 32bit


1. download the driver  ( unzip the folder.  downoad ver 1


2. manually install the drivers in the device manager windows.

click on the properties on the wireless adapter device. go to "drivers" tab. uninstall your driver (when you plug the wireless usb adapter windows automatically installs it's own drivers) uninstall the windows driver. 


3.Manually update the driver. choose "let me pick.." click have disk. browse for the linksys driver you just downloaded in the drivers folder "rt73.sys"  let it update. 


hope it helps.


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Re: WUSB54GSC will not connect! Any hope?

i lose my cd but i have that linskys in 2010 i cant install with out cd please can you give me away that i can install it in my computer please