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WUSB600N v2 Windows 7 Drivers

I just installed a new SSD and therefore reinstalled Windows 7 as well. I thought I'd check the Linksys website for some WIndows 7 drivers as I was using the Vista drivers on my HDD. I downloaded the W7 drivers and my wireless network speed went from 270mbps to 300mbps which is the top speed of my router.


But with the good comes the bad. I had numerous internet "hiccups" where there would be no internet for a few seconds, then it would come back. It would happen on a daily basis and was getting rather tiresome. Well today, my internet just completely stopped right in the middle of a download and wasn't coming back on like usual. Luckily I had my laptop online as well and noticed my laptop had full internet while my desktop with the WUSB600N did not, which tells me that my internet, cable modem, and router were all functioning properly and the WUSB600N was not.


I believe this is the same exact problem Linksys was having with the W7 drivers before which caused them to take the W7 drivers down in the first place and suggested we use the Vista drivers for W7. Needless to say, I didn't have any issues with the Vista drivers, so I uninstalled the W7 drivers and reinstalled the Vista drivers until Linksys does some more work on the W7 drivers.

This thread is just an FYI for those that may be having problems with the W7 drivers. Uninstall the W7 drivers and install the Vista drivers as the Vista drivers appear to be more stable. Remember, Windows 7 is just Vista fixed. Most Vista drivers will work in Windows 7 with little or no problems.


Just don't do like I did and uninstall the wireless network adapter BEFORE downloading the different drivers. Then you'll be effed like I was and had to dig out the ethernet cable to hardline just to download the different drivers! haha  :smileyvery-happy:



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Re: WUSB600N v2 Windows 7 Drivers

I agree with you -BoneZ-. Windows 7 is just a fix of windows Vista and most of the time Vista drivers works perfectly fine with Windows 7.
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Registered: ‎12-28-2009

Re: WUSB600N v2 Windows 7 Drivers

Exactly. There are a couple things which don't have Windows 7 drivers available yet, but installing the Vista version usually works perfectly.


In this case, I still  have had no internet issues after reinstalling the Vista drivers vs. the issues I was having with the  Windows 7 drivers. So, unless Linksys puts out an updated version of the Windows 7 drivers, I'll stick with the perfectly stable Vista drivers for my Windows 7.  :smileyhappy: