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WUSB600Nv2 Problem encryption and No WPA2 XP Pro SP2?

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Hi I just got this today. I tried installing it to my brothers 2003/2003 or 2004 old Toshiba 5200-701 laptop which is running the factory  install image of Windows XP Home edition. XP home wouldn't recognise the setup on the cd & said OS not supported. So I downloaded the latest version setup from the cisco home support site & the Windows XP driver Ver Don't know which version is on the cd. The new downloaded Setup worked, it installed & found the device.



So seeing as it had the old Win XP Home, I did an upgrade to the Windows XP Professional SP2. I can connect to my router now & using the NEW SETUP from cisco for WINXP the best encryption I can use is not good enough! The best I can use is WPA-TKIP. But I want to use WPA2-AES or WPA2-TKIP. But it has to be WPA2! On the Driver version page it shows 09/03/2009 & under the Digital signer it shows Microsoft Windows Hardware compatibility Publisher. Please how can I then make it use WPA2 please? 


Any advice, suggestions, tips, answers are greatly appreciated very much thankyou.



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Re: WUSB600Nv2 Problem encryption and No WPA2 XP Pro SP2?

Windows XP SP2 doesn't support WAP2 encryption, so you need to download WPA2 patch from the Microsoft website or else upgrade your windows XP SP 2 to Windows XP SP3.


To download WPA2 patch click Here.


To download SP3 click Here.

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Re: WUSB600Nv2 Problem encryption and No WPA2 XP Pro SP2?

Ok thanks golum. I thought i mgiht have to upgrade to SP3 for support for some extra networking & security features IPV6 protocols & some other networking changes so WInXp as a client would be compatible with a Win serv OS network. I wasn't sure but you have assured me now. Thanks Golum