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Where are the version 2 drivers for WUSB54GSC?

I recently bought a WUSB54GSC adapter and it has been working fine ever since I installed it with the supplied disk.  However, I ended up installing Vista 64x on the desktop in which the adapter was installed.  After looking for some time I gave up the search to find working drivers and abandoned the 64 bit OS in light of the hassle.  Anyway, I reinstalled my old 32 bit Vista OS and went to reinstall the drivers for the adapter, unfortunately I must have misplaced my cd in that time frame.   So I went to this website to find the drivers I would need to reinstall the adapter.  All I can find is the version 1 drivers.  I assumed that these would work... but...they do not work... I've tried to install them on a fresh windows install, vista has no idea where to find the drivers so i ran the setup, it went through the install and.... it didn't work, so i uninstalled them and retried, still nothing)  This leads me to believe that these are not equivilent to the drivers on the CD since I never had this issue before.

Anyone know where I can get Vista 32-bit VERSION 2 drivers for the WUSB54GSC ver. 2?

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Re: Where are the version 2 drivers for WUSB54GSC?

The Drivers you have downloaded are not for WUSB54GSC v2...They are specifically for WUSB54GSC v1...Also none of the versions support WinVista - 64bit...


Driver Download for WUSB54GSC v2...