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Wireless-G notebook adapter not working

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I'm trying to get the internet on my sister's computer, a Compaq Armada laptop with Windows XP.  I have bought a Wireless-G Notebook Adapter (Model No.: WPC54GS ver. 2.1).  I believe I have installed it correctly on my sister's computer.  I have put the adapter under the "exceptions" list under the Windows Firewall settings, and her computer doesn't have any antivirus program that might interfere.   I need to figure out how to make it work when I start up her computer.  I have called tech support 2 times and got it to connect to the internet after following their instructions, but when we restart her computer it's not connected.
I need to get it to work, can anyone help?  I have my profile set up.  The access point detects my router.  Something isn't working, because I'm not getting the internet.  I have to fiddle with the two icons in the bottom right-hand corner and occasionally I get it to connect, but I'm still not sure how I did that...  I needs to automatically connect when she starts up her laptop.
I hope you can understand me, just tell me if I don't make sense anywhere.

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Re: Wireless-G notebook adapter not working

Click start >> all programs >> wireless G adapter “uninstall”
Insert the disc exit out of the set up wizard.
Unplug & replug the adapter, you will get found new hardware wizard.
Install the drivers of the adapter.
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Re: Wireless-G notebook adapter not working

I have a windows xp sp 3 laptop, and when I run the wizard for "new hardware found" it does not find the driver for my WPC54G ver.2 Network adapter. I have the CD for this device, but it just does not recognize any good driver for the device.

What can I do????

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Re: Wireless-G notebook adapter not working

make sure first that you let the computer detect the new hardware before inserting the CD. after inserting it and the Autorun splash  page pops up, close it then go back to the Found New Hardware wizard. you'll need to specify the path where the device drivers can be found (if the computer does not automatically find the driver files).

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Re: Wireless-G notebook adapter not working

What kind of wireless encryption are you using?  If you are using WPA2 you will need to be sure you have the Windows XP update for that.


Should be part of XP service Pack 3 if you have installed that.


If it connects sometimes, that is stranger still.  What kind of router are you using?

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Re: Wireless-G notebook adapter not working

Hi.  This is my very first post on this message board, so please bear with me.  Unfortunately, I cannot help you, as I haven't gotten my adaptor working myself.  I would recommen checking your WEP/security settings and make sure that you're adapter is set to the proper encoding.


I recently bought my ynksys WPC543 2.4 GHz PCMCIA Wireless Adaptor at a yard sale for--believe it or not--$1.00, but did not get the driver-install CD.  I tried Cisco"s support site, but the drivers they listed did not include the PCMCIA version, just the USB version of this adaptor.  I need the PCMCIA vesion.  Does anyone know where I can download the setup utility?  In case it matters, it's Version 3.

Thank you,

Bob Marma

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Re: Wireless-G notebook adapter not working

I think you mean WPC54G. 


Drivers are here:


PS:  Best to start a new topic thread if you have a new topic rather than adding to an unrelated thread.