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Wireless adapter keeps turning off

My Instant wireless B Adapter Pci adapter keeps shuting off and back on numerous times in the day. I have tried everything I could to fix this, I have downloaded drivers, updated all of my windows updates everything. My roomate has the router downstairs and 5 computers connected to it (including his) . Out of all of those computers only mine has connection problems. I do not know what is wrong with it, it switches off from 11 mb/s to 2 for about 2 min then goes back to 11 again. This can become quite irritating when gaming online because it kicks you out from the game server. Any ideas on how to fix it? Thank you.
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Re: Wireless adapter keeps turning off

try uninstalling the card completly from your system and installing the card in another PCI slot

*remeber to install the software before installing the card again*
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Re: Wireless adapter keeps turning off

change the antenna positions from vertical to horizontal.....sounds crazy.....try n see if it works as the signals are transmitted in concentric circles.