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wireless bridge

When I try to connect my wireless bridge to my network I keep getting Error 109 your device cant be found using a wireless coonection.  ANy help is appreciated

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Re: wireless bridge

So the problem you mentioned that while configuring the Wireless Bridge it giving an error message " Error 109 " that means  “The setup wizard cannot detect you device. Your device cannot be found using a wireless connection.”....  So try configuring the Bridge manually..


First of all connect the Bridge with the Router.... Open the Router setup page and check the DHCP client table there we will be able to see the IP address of the Bridge... With the help of that IP address open the Setup page of the Bridge....


While changing the Bridge settings you have to make sure that the Wireless Settings(SSID/Network Name and WEP/WPA Key) are identical on both the devices(Router and Bridge)...Also make sure to set the Bridge to use Static IP Address change the Bridge's default IP to match your network and Gateway Address should be your Router's address...


Your Bridge should be configured after doing all these settings..Just Power cycle your Bridge and your Wireless Router...Just see if you can access the device wirelessly which is connected to your Bridge...

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Re: wireless bridge

I'm having a similar (not exactly the same) problem.  When my WES610N is configured with a static IP, the attached devices (printers in this case) are not accessible.  Changing the mode of the WES610N to DHCP makes the attached devices accessible, but introduces a new issue.


The WES610N dynamically mirrors an IP address of an attached device, rather than acquiring a IP address of its own from the router!  Our Xerox printer is constantly reporting that it has encountered a duplicate IP.


If I change the IP address of the Xerox...  The WES610N follows it.  Disconnect or shut down the Xerox printer...  The WES610N mirrors the IP address of an attached HP Officejet Pro printer.


If that's not crazy enough, when I examine a network device scan, the fixed IP address for my Xerox reports back as a "Cisco-Linksys" device.  Navigate to that IP address with a browser and the web host page for the Xerox opens.


Please suggest how I might resolve this!

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Re: wireless bridge

If the ip address of the WES610N is set to DHCP then the device attached to it will be getting the ip address from the main router not from the WES610N. The WES610N will just act as a passthrough device not as a DHCP server. Now if the ip address of the WES610N has been set to static, the you also need to set a static ip address to the attached device so that it will work. The best way to check if the WES610N is working is to isolate the problem by connecting a computer to it. Assign a static ip address to the WES610N and to the computer(note. you also need to assign a subnet mask, a default gateway and a DNS server as the static parameters) and then try to check if the computer will be able to get online. If not then there might be something wrong with the settings that you have set.




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Re: wireless bridge



Has this been resolved?

My issue is the same as initialy reported.


The WES610N is setup in bridge mode and using DHCP for the addressing.

Used arp to get the IP but error 404 in IE.

Then checked the DHCP server address lease and the IP address is against a DirecTV box connected to the WES610N.

As far as the WES610N is concerned, no DHCP lease at all!?


I will change my access point and the SSID in the process.


How am I supposed to change the settings on the WES610N if I don't have access to it?

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Re: wireless bridge

@mustang-gx, were you able to successfully connect the WES610N wirelessly to the router? If you do, then the devices hardwired to the bridge should now be able to grab an ip address. You could perhaps perform a firmware upgrade and then reset the bridge, then check if the bridge will now work.