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wpc4400n.exe problem

I have a WPC4400N installed in one of our laptops. The Linksys supplied monitor SW  "wpc4400n.exe" is being used as it provides the WPA2 capability. Under single user conditions the SW appears to work correctly. The problem I am having is when I either do a switch user or a log off user and re-log on with a different user. The Linksys supplied monitor program appears to shut down and turns control of the WPC4400N to the Wireless Zero configuration. I am not able to re-enable it or even shut down the system. Sometimes I can switch back to the original user and regain control of the application, other times I need to power off and reboot. It appears the application should be started as a system application, not as an individual user application. Any suggestions other than shutdown restart and log in as the new user. Also note, that during all this, the wireless connections remains active and functional.


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Re: wpc4400n.exe problem

HI ,the linksys software is profile specific...that's the reason you are facing this issue....
what you need to do here is first un-install the software completely....then re-install individually on each user logon....that's the only way this is gonna work.
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Re: wpc4400n.exe problem

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I don't see how that is possible as when the monitor SW installs, It installs it for all users. You can't reinstall it over the top of the existing install. The problem is the way Linksys has written the monitor application driver. What needs to happen is the SW needs to execute as system process that is user agnostic. It appears that when switching user, the monitor SW actually stops, but the connection stays established. Upon activation of the new user,  XP sees that there is no control over the wireless, defaults control to Wireless zero configuation. A little latter, the Linksys SW tries to load, but there is conflict between it and WZC. Sometimes it actually will pop up an applicatoin fault and terminate. This is purely a Linksys problem. I have other SW like my storage control (raid) SW that works correctly in these types of user switch scenarios and never messes up the system. Linksys needs to do some aditional compatiblity testing and get this fixed.

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Re: wpc4400n.exe problem

Try to disable WZC:
Go to Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Services.

Scroll down, and click on "Wireless Zero Configuration". CLick on 'Stop', and change the Startup Type to 'Disabled'.

Hope this helps.