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wpc55ag adapter

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i have an old sony viao laptop the dual band card i have worked fine till i apdated to sp2 for windows xp home now it won't connect to my home network. i have uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers tried to find driver updates and nothing works unless i take the wep security off.

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Re: wpc55ag adapter

The scenario that you explained with the adapter is that it does not get connect with the XP ( SP 2 ) until and unless the WEP is not getting turned off.. So in that  case try to add the wireless network  manually then check if is getting connected....


If it is getting connected check the IP address that you are receiving on that computer...


If it is getting the proper IP address than try to ping the gateway of the Router..

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Re: wpc55ag adapter

try these steps:

1. uninstall any wireless configuration software (Linksys wireless software) installed on the computer.

2. restart the computer with the adapter plugged in.

3. when the computer detects the new hardware, just put in the CD and install the drivers.

4. restart the computer again after completing the installation.