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wusb100 v.2 Windows 7 64 Driver installation

Please help I've struggled with this for a long time


I just installed windows 7 on my wifes new com and the device couldn't detect any connections using the default drivers (windows called it an nvidia wireless network card). I downloaded the drivers  put them on her hd via flash drive and attempted to update the device drivers through the device manager but it says the drivers are already up to date. I uninstalled the device and windows called the device MCF-J415W and when I tried to update the drivers again it said the drivers were not correct. I'm not sure what is going on here and why linksys doesn't just have a .exe driver installer. I've had the same issue with my wife's computer when it had win xp except it didn't have any generic drivers to install. Also I tried selecting the driver from the list of pre-loaded drivers and found one for the exact device but it would not install those either. Again, please help!

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Re: wusb100 v.2 Windows 7 64 Driver installation


First of all uninstall the drivers of the adapter if there is any. Then download the fresh drivers from the Linksys/Cisco website or download it from the following link: . It will be in the zip format so you need to unzip file. Then install the drivers manually. Here are the steps:


# Click on Start --> Run and in the run box type "devmgmt.msc" and click Ok...

# Device manager window will appear and in that check for the Linksys adapter.. Right-click on the name of the Adapter that you want to install and click Update Driver Software…

# A window will appear asking “How do you want to search for the driver software?".. Click “Browse my computer for driver software"..

# Select the option “Search for driver software in this location “then click on Browse..

# Select the driver that you Downloaded and click on next button...


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Re: wusb100 v.2 Windows 7 64 Driver installation

try this link:  Manually installing a wireless network adapter on a Windows 7/Vista computer

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