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wusb54gr drivers/software

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before I bought the wusb54gr and installed the driver and software, i never had my computer simply freeze up on my. I also cannot remember the last time I had a blue screen. Ever since I have been using the wusb54gr my pc has frozen AT LEAST TWICE A DAY, usually more with more frequent computer use. I also just got a couple blue screens in this last week. I check my cpu, mobo, and ambient temps, and they never are too high. When I bluescreened, Windows sent an error report and told me that MS has no idea what it is, just keep sending error reports. Clearly the issue is the wireless adapter. Why? I don't want to return this product, it is very useful, and a solid product otherwise.

Also, in Linux I had to search for drivers. I found some open-source one's that RaLink helps to make, and installed it manually (no thanks to linksys). My experience on Linux has been better (!), however sometimes, usually within an hour of my pc being turned on, the WUSB54GR just shuts off. Internet is gone, the lights on the adapter itself are off, and the only way to get it back is by restarting. Why does Linksys not support linux? Dell is selling Linux (ubuntu) on its mainstream pc's now. If Dell can support Linux, why for cripe's sake is Linksys not supporting Linux?

Also, I just tried to use netcheck, but instead I got an error telling me to get IE 5. Why would linksys block out at LEAST one fifth of the internet? not to mention all linux and mac users. This is terrible support.

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