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I'm having issues with my wusb54gsc.  I have a laptop and a desktop.  I use the wusb54gsc with my desktop.  I have low signal strength and my speed gets worse the longer I'm connected until it reaches about 18 Mbps.  I bring my laptop (which has a wireless card built in) to the same location as my desktop and it has a very good signal strength and connects at 54 Mbps.  I have limited networking knowledge.  Any troubleshooting advice would help.
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Re: wusb54gsc

18mbs is good, plus that is way faster than the connection u are getting from your isp, so there will be no drop in your internet speed unless u are getting a higher speed than 18mbs from your isp. so no need to worry.
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Re: wusb54gsc

I was having problems with the wireless router, so i followed the steps it shows on the website and it sayed to uninstall it then to re-install it after i uninstalled it and tried to re-install it says the Network Moniter has already been installed even though it isn't on my computer anymore. And someone tell me how to fix the problem?