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DMC250 and

I have a DCM250 on firmware version 1.23.31 and a DMP100 on firmware versin 1.7.3. First, is .7 older than .23? It's tough to tell. When I right click on the DMP100 in CMP and select "About" it doesn't launch anything, so I cannot update the firmware this way.  LELA says everything on my network is up-to-date.


I've tried updating the DCM250 on the unit itself but it tells me it's up to date.


How can I get these in sync so I can play to both controllers at the same time?


As these products ever going to work properly or have we all just wasted our money?


Thanks for any suggestions.


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Re: DMC250 and

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I believe both the DMC250 and DMP100 need to be on the same firmware so that they can sync. Someone posted here before to reset the DMP100 and hardwire it to your router and leave it hardwired and powered ON over the weekend for the firmware upgrade to go thru since the DMP100 automatically checks firmware every weekend.



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I have a DMC250. I was supplied the CD, however, it does not read on my macbook. I downloaded installation software (easylink advisor) from the Linksys support page. However, my Macbook does not have an application to read the software to run it on my macbook.


Has anyone encountered this issue?


I called the tech support but the product was outside of the Technical support's skill set.


Can anyone advise the right software to install on my macbook so I can just followed the quick installation guide?


Thank you very much




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