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Duplicate Songs on DMC250

Hi, I'm running the latest firmware on the DMC250. For every album the DMC250 diaplays every song twice. When I add the album to the queue - every song is played twice. Any idea how to solve it? Thanks, Boaz.

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Re: Duplicate Songs on DMC250

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The Cisco Media server might need a refresh, try restarting the application. If its still the same, you could try deleting the temporary music database files in ...


C:\Program Files\Cisco Media Center\ServerDBcache


Then check if the music database will rebuild with no more duplicates.


Note : 

Make sure that the Cisco software is not running and turn off the DMC250 before you try to delete the temorary database files.


I hope this helps.

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Re: Duplicate Songs on DMC250s

hi guys,


I checked the cache under C:\Program Files\Cisco Media Center\ServerDBcache but this folder is empty. So I still have the same problem. Any idea?


Thanks, Boaz.

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Re: Duplicate Songs on DMC250s

Hi Boaz,


Do you have iTunes installed? I've seen that iTunes sometimes copies media (that you've) into it's own location. If you then have the "Include iTunes" checked in the Cisco Media Center then the media gets duplicated.