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Diable Safe Web Surfing Manually?

I recently got the M10 valet (hardware version 1) and instally noticed the website loading problem, which is all over the forums.  I updated the firmware to the latest ( and that improved my performance.  Its obvious that the issue is the Safe Web Surfing feature which scans websites to determine if they are safe.


I scoured the interface through the browser, but I cannot find a way to turn this feature off without using the CISCO connect software which fails to run on my computer because I don't have a wireless card??


Has anyone found a way to disable this feature using the web management method?



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Re: Diable Safe Web Surfing Manually?

When Safe Web Surfing is turned ON as you’re surfing the Internet and are about to open a potentially harmful site, an alert displays in your browser telling you that the site may be harmful to your computer or to your personal data. There are certain sites on the Internet that are “flagged” as potentially harmful, meaning they may contain viruses, install malware on your computer, or attempt to access your personal data. You can continue on to the site, or decide not to open it. When Safe Web Surfing is turned on, it applies to all computers connected to the Valet or Valet Plus.


I think it is not possible to disable the safe web surfing feature using the web interface.

You need to install the Cisco connect software on your main computer.

What error message do you get when you try to install Cisco connect software on your main computer?


You have already upgraded the firmware on your router.

After upgrading the firmware on the router, it is recommended that you should reset the router and reconfigure it. Press and hold the reset button on the router for 30 seconds. Release the reset button and wait for 10 seconds. Power cycle the router and try to run the Cisco connect on your main computer.

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Re: Diable Safe Web Surfing Manually?

My new Cisco Valet Plus M20 was becoming so slow that I feared I was somehow being bandwidth limited by my ISP for no reason.  Both wired and wireless connections were pathetically slow.  After plugging my computer directly into the modem thereby eliminating the M20 router it became clear it was the router slowing things down to a crawl.  I used the Cisco Connect software on the USB key and disabled the Safe Web Surfing feature.  My online speed has returned to expected levels.  I normally practice safe surfing on my own, I don't have kids at home.  Thanks but no thanks, I don't need a feature which returns me to dial-up speeds! 


The intent of the Safe Web Surfing feature is noble, the execution...not so much.  Good router otherwise!!

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Re: Diable Safe Web Surfing Manually?

I had to do the same thing to mine.  Web pages were loading so slowly that they'd just time out.  Apparently whatever web service the "Safe Web Browsing" feature is hitting is severely slow.


Fix this, Cisco.  We paid for it... it should work.

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Re: Diable Safe Web Surfing Manually?

Agreed, I manually configure the router from the Web interface. The CiscoConnect software won't even configure the router any longer because it can't handle the full feature set of the router and in this case the feature can't be turned off any other way.


Cisco, you need to put this feature into the Web Interface with the next patch or expect a raft of these routers (we own a few here) to be returned soon.