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losing guest access

I have had my M20 for a few months now and its been working well.

I had it set to automatic DHCP via Bell Canada DSL (modem logging in)


I upgraded my home office setup with a NAS and a few other goodies and was experiencing some issues using them.

My local tech guy recomended setting the modem (Speedstream 4200) in to bridge mode and using the PPPOE login on the router.


All worked great, everything is running well, EXCEPT the guest access on the valet.  It will work for 6 to 8 hours and then drop. The guest network shows up, but the Cisco login page doesnt load the hotspot login on the devices.  So the device is able to connect and get an IP, but not login in to cisco connect via Safari (on idevices) and use the internet.


Do get it back up and running I need to uninstall Cisco Connect and re install it, as well as do a router restore.


Has anyone else experienced this?  If i turn PPPOE off and use the setup as i previously have, the issue does not occur. It seems to be an issue of using the PPPOE feature of the router.


I hope I explained this well enough.


Thank you.

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Re: losing guest access

Let me know the current firmware version in the Router? If the firmware in the Router is an older version then upgrade it with the latest one which can be downloaded from the Linksys/Cisco website. After successful firmware upgrade you need to reset the Router. It is recommended to reset the router once. Steps to reset the router:


Push the reset button on router for 30 seconds, turn off the router wait for 30 seconds and then power it on. Power light should blink when you perform the reset process.


After reset, reconfigure the router and then check the connectivity status of the Guest Network…