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possible to configure Valet M10 as repeater?

I have a Linksys E2000 (Cisco 44041?) as my sole wireless access point in my house.  I am needing to extend the range/strengthen the signal to my husband's office in the basement.


I do not want to spend $90 on a repeater. 


I know some wireless routers can be configured to act as a repeater and am capable and willing to do the setup myself. 


Is this Valet M10 capable of this configuration?


Does it have a repeater mode already programmed in, just needing activation/setup?



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Re: possible to configure Valet M10 as repeater?

Well M10 router cannot be used as repeater mode... But it can be used as wireless switch means it will always be connect with the Router E2000 via ethernet cable.... It cannot be used as wireless...