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401 Unauthorized for WRT54G

Hey I just recently lost connection to my router due to antivirus connections conflicting and to solve that problem I had to uninstall one.


When trying to setup the router again, it won't let me past the default username and password. It always allows me 3 attempts to get into my router and once it hits the 3rd time it says '401 unauthorized'. I've resetted the router before this and 'admin' doesn't seem to go.


 So I figure I just use the software that came with my router and this has also failed. During the 'checking system or computer' step, it asks for a password and whatever password (admin or not) I use it just rescans or does the previous step over and over again asking for a password again..


Im running time warner cable (roadrunner high speed) and my os is windows vista. Im not really sure what other info you guys need but any help would be awesome.

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Re: 401 Unauthorized for WRT54G

Kindly reset again the router for 1min and turn off router. Try accessing the router set-up page again. Typed in 'admin' on password. If it didnt work then kindly try to ping the router ip. If you got 4 replies and 0% loss then the router is still communicating here w/ your pc. Access again the router ui. If you failed to access it then assign a static ip on your pc and try accessing the router ui.


Tell me what happen..

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Re: 401 Unauthorized for WRT54G

You need to reset your Linksys router to factory settings and then re-configure it...


To reset your router press and hold the reset button for 30 seconds...Release the reset button...Unplug the power cable from your router, wait for 30 seconds and re-connect the power cable...Now re-configure your router...
Also make sure that your computer is set to obtain IP automatically, disable any firewalls, security softwares on the computer before trying to access the setup page...


As your ISP is Cable you should follow this link to re-configure your router...

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Re: 401 Unauthorized for WRT54G

okay guys i'll give this a go and tell you what happens.


i'll be sure to hit the solution as well Smiley Happy