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Access Restrictions on WRT54G Not working.

I have a wireless WRT54G router with the latest firmware installed.  If I configure any 1 access restriction, it works fine - but as soon as I try and create 3 policies (which I need for different times on different says I.e Sun, Fi-Sat and Weeknights) then all computer access is denied for that system (I am doing it by I.P. Addess).  I have checked and re-checked the settings and everything "SHOULD" be working - but it doesn't.
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Re: Access Restrictions on WRT54G Not working.

Hi Nickoli,
Not able to think any particular. It might be issue with the firmware. Just check it with whether it is latest one. And go through all the restricting settings one more time carefully.
What is the model number and version number of router, and what is the firmware version on it. And what settings you are exactly doing on access restrictions?
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Re: Access Restrictions on WRT54G Not working.

  First, I am a 28 year computer veteran so please understand I am quite capable.  I have thew very newest firmware and the summary of my limits is as follows:
Policy 1) Mon-Thurs allow access to I.P. (the proxy for the kids) on from 4PM til 9PM.
Policy 2) Friday and Saturday allowa same IP from 9AM throu 11:55 PM.
Policy 3) Sunday allow same IP from 9AM thru 9PM.
Any of these policies works fine when on by itself.  When all three are tunred on - then all access to the Internet quits working.
Thanks for any insight you can provide.