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Add printer to router

I'd like to be able to acces my printer from 2 different computers. Currently my wife's computer is plugged directly into the router and I access it with my computer wirelessly. Is it possible to plug the printer into the router next to my wife's computer and be able to access it wirelessly with mine? I know I can buy a separate wireless print server, but would rather just plug the printer directly into the router, if that's at all possible.
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Re: Add printer to router

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I assume the printer has an ethernet port (RJ-45) on it.  In that case, yes, it should definitely work.  This is exactly the network setup that your router was designed for.
If your printer only has a USB port on it, you cannot plug it directly into the router.  You will need a print server.   You can use a wired print server if you want.  Or you can get a wireless print server.  Most of the Linksys wireless print servers will work either way --- by wire or wirelessly.

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Re: Add printer to router

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It does not on my setup. Been struggling for days with it.
I have wireless router WRT54GS cable connection comes in to the modem then to router and network cable to the desktop. Added HP6310 on network cable to router and USB to desktop. Want to add my 2 wireless laptops, one on XP Pro the other on Vista Business (bloody awful). Cant get the lap tops to see the printer, when I open the support centre it tells me the printer is not configured for networking despite running the wizards on all computers. Also when using the help menu on the printer it tells me no PC is connected yet I can print from the desktop. Any ideas?????. Thanks!

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Re: Add printer to router

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to mcbutler  ---
It sounds like you connected the printer to the router, and your desktop to the router (both using an ethernet cable), and you also connected the printer to your desktop using the USB cable.  Is that correct?  If so, then your first problem is that you need to disconnect the USB cable.  You should not try to connect the printer to the desktop computer using both the USB and the ethernet connection.
My guess is that the printer is not properly setup for network printing, and that the desktop is likely printing via the USB cable, not the network connection.
After you have unplugged the printer's USB cable, uninstall the printer completely from your desktop computer.  Reboot computer.  Now reinstall the printer as a network printer using the appropriate HP network driver.  Get the printer working first from your desktop computer.
Then later, uninstall the printer from your laptops, then reboot computers.  Then reinstall the printer as a network printer using the appropriate HP network driver.  Note that your Vista machine may need a different driver than your XP machine.
Also, are your laptops able to access the Internet?  If not, you will need to fix this problem first, before you reinstall the printer.
Hope this helps.

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