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Adding WRT54G as second router / access point, can't get to outside network.

Heres the prob:

We just got cable internet the other day and the cable provider insisted I use their Belkin F5D7234-4 v1000  instead of my WRT54G V8. So I figured that I would use the WRT54G as a second router/access point (wireless/LAN/WAN). I was wanting to do this by running one ethernet to the WAN port on the WRT54G and connect it to the client port on the Belkin, place the wrt-54G at the other end of the house and have the WRT54G broadcast the same SSID and require the same Authentication as the Belkin and use the Belkin to wirelessly bridge to the Linksys. That way it will extend my wireless network and all the computers can access the internet and each other (wired clients will retain wired speeds, wireless won't have to authicate to two different networks.

I can't seem to get the Linksys based network to even see any of the other computers outside of the WRT-54G, same for the wireless clients. On the Belkin network side of things, I can't ping the router even though it is pulling a DHCP address from the Belkin. All the clients the Belkin side can see each other and the internet fine. I have tinkered with the WRT54-G for almost a whole weekend now with no results. The WRT54G can see the other router as a DNS along with the outside DNS providers, but none of the client computers can. Basically I'm wanting to extend the Belkin network to 4 more wired clients and fill some deadspots with wireless, and make all the computer's visable on the same network Any suggestions?


WRT-54G settings:

Automatic Configuration - DHCP

Same Domain name as Belkin
Router IP set to one pulled from DHCP

DHCPserver OFF

Operating Mode: Router 

All Security is off.

Wireless SSID is the same as Belkin

Wireless channel is same as belkin. 

Auth. key and method is same as belkin. 



 DHCP is on.

15 IP addresses available.

Wireless Bridging is on with the WRT54G's Wireless MAC address filled in. 

Ethernet cords are plugged in. 


I've played with static routes for hours, tried the Dynamic Routing option, tried even DMZing the WRT54G's ip in the belkin and still couldn't connect to the internet. Tried cloning the Belkin's MAC address. Nothing seems to work. When I plug the WRT-54G directly into my Digital Cable box/Modem/Phone I get internet and all. I'm to the point of even throwing DD-WRT on it.

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Re: Adding WRT54G as second router / access point, can't get to outside network.

First of all, you cannot connect the Belkin and the WRT54G wirelessly.  And you do not need to.  You are already connecting them by ethernet cable, and that is plenty of connection.


Your WRT54G will need to be setup so that (1) it has an IP address  (i.e. the "Local IP address" ) that the Belkin will see as a fixed LAN IP address (2)  the WRT54G's DHCP server is turned off  (3)  the LAN port of the WRT54G is connected, by ethernet cable, to a LAN port on the Belkin  (4) nothing is connected to the Internet port of the WRT54G.


Please see my post at this URL for further instructions:


If you need more help:


1)  Please state your ISP

2)  Please do the following test:


Power down your entire network.  Using an ethernet cable, connect your modem directly to your computer.  (Do not use the WRT54G for this test.)  Power up the modem and computer.  Verify that you have a working Internet connection, then proceed with the following:  (Even if your Internet connection does not work, state this, and proceed.)


Go to "Start" > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt.
A black DOS box will appear. Type in "ipconfig /all" (with no quotes), then hit the Enter key.   Copy all the results to your next post.  To do the copy, highlight the results, then use the copy (Ctrl-c) keys and the paste (Ctrl-v) keys.  If your "IP address" does not start with 192.168 , then for security reasons, erase the last half of your IP address.


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Re: Adding WRT54G as second router / access point, can't get to outside network.

Well, too late. Already threw DD-WRT on it and now I have my network, all within about a half an hour. So I'm guessing I had it wired the wrong way. Judging from your post, I should have hooked the client ethernet of the Belkin into the client side of the WRT54G. Yes my internet connection works,  but at that time it was only until it got to the WRT54G. 
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Re: Adding WRT54G as second router / access point, can't get to outside network.

Yes, you are right VMMaster, to connect the WRT54G router wirelessly to another wireless router you have to use non-linksys firmware, else you cannot do this...Is everything fixed now after installing the DD-WRT Firmware on it...
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Re: Adding WRT54G as second router / access point, can't get to outside network.

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but beyond connecting it "wirelessly" which I found out really doesn't work so well (Random wireless drops, bogging speeds) with two different pieces of equipment running two different firmwares. So the whole wireless bridging thing was out the window.

I did however find out what I needed the Linksys firmware to do:

1.) DHCP Forward to the clients.

Belkin Clients - Network A

Linksys Clients - Network B

The dhcp pool wasn't getting passed onto the client computers. I.E. Computer 1-2 on network A had XXX.XXX.100-102 while Computers 3-4 on network B had YYY.YYY.YYY which was statically set by Windows. Even after having changed it to a static address on the dhcp scope of Network A I still couldn't connect to the internet or any of the computers on network A.

The static routing table didn't seem to get me anywhere either, and I tried dozens of configurations. 

The way I had it setup is with the 1-4 Client enthernet FROM the Belkin router TO the Internet port on the Linksys WRT54G. Maybe I should have plugged the ethernet into the 4 port client side of the Linksys???

Either way DD-WRT's DCHP forwarding feature was what I needed. 

As for the wireless scenario both routers have the same encryption method and keys but different channels and ssid's. Which with DD-WRT for some reason when I hop on Wireless B, Vista will ID it as Network A (B).

I hope this hasn't violated anything except the warranty which was up anyways. The reason I needed my networks set up this way is because I do a lot of work using VM's (of various OS's), so it's just easier having two semi-seperate networks.(at different physical locales in the house)

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