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All about EA4500

Hello I want to buy EA4500.

I have got a lot of questions.


1. Does it have download manager with torrent and http support?

2. Does it have VPN function, VPN Server for Remote income connections and VPN client for LANtoLAN connect?

3. Does it have VLAN support?

4. Does it have something like iptables, where I can create rules for firewall and manage priority of my rules?

5. Does it have WAN-traffic statistic?

6. Does it work with IPTV-traffic?

7. Does DLNA server of router can stream video with multiple audio streams and multiple subtitles?

8. Does it work with any external USB HDD?

9. Please, post some results of downloading files straight to USB external HDD.





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Re: All about EA4500

You need a Business Class router, not a simple home router for all those functions.

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Re: All about EA4500

here is a link that should tell you everything about the EA4500: Getting to know the EA4500.

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Re: All about EA4500

to add, here is the list of Tested HDD and Printers for the EA4500.