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Allowing Ports 6112-6119

I need to know how to allow ports 6112-6119 for a game i play called warcraft3
i have done it before on DSL but it seems harder with broadband ...
Soo does anyone know how to allow ports 6112-6119 ?
(This has to do with hosting...)
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Re: Allowing Ports 6112-6119

Let me know the model no for router.
By default router is using Ip -….access routers set up page using ….. You will see username & password screen ….leave username blank & under password use admin.
Click on “application & gaming” ….. Under port range forward use 6112 in start port range & 6119 in end port range ….Use the static Ip of the computer on which you want to play Warcraft3….enable the service & click save settings.

Above settings will enable the ports on router.