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BEFW11S4 v2 with Windows 7

Okay, so my product is the BEFW11S4 router, connected to a Comcast internet box. I have two laptops, one with Vista (in actuality, my mother's) and mine own, a Dell Inspiron working with Windows 7. Our router is about three years old, and we have updated the firmware (and oh joy, was that so fun to figure out. There are some isues that should be adressed with that). However, even with the firmware update, it is incompatable with my Windows 7. It connects fine, but where it shows my internet connection by the miniclock, it shows the bars (connection strength) and then a yellow triangle with an apostrophe in it. I hover over it, and it says "Connected to Linksys No internet access"


It works fine on Vista, but no matter what I do with the router (the firmware is updated, I have resetboth the router and the computer. Several times) it will not work!


Please, I go to an online college. I NEED to software and files on my computer, I need to turn in my work. A very hasty response is ery appreciated.

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Re: BEFW11S4 v2 with Windows 7

So you are trying to say that the Vista computer is working fine wirelessly but not the Win7...?


If the network name is "linksys" then,try to change the SSID(Network Name) to some unique name...Make sure that you are entering the correct security key on the laptop..Also delete all the preferred network on the laptop and try to connect again.