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Best Channel For gaming [Xbox360]

Hello. I have a WRT300N wireless router. I own an Xbox 360 with a wireless internet adapter, and it becomes very "laggy" online. What channel should I set my router for? Standard/Wide channels? HELP!!
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Re: Best Channel For gaming [Xbox360]

Use standard channel and keep the standard channel to 6 or 11
Linksys Setup CD said "Use Win XP or better"
So i installed Linux
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Re: Best Channel For gaming [Xbox360]

For WRT300N router try upgrading the firmware of the router & keep on holding tightly the reset button in such a way that power light is blinking on the
router & then do a complete network power cycle i.e., unplug the power
cables from the modem & from the router & then plug in the power cable
to the modem first once all the lights are solid green you could plug
in the power cable to the router & check out it will definately work!!
Open the setup page of router using then put in the
password as admin...all you need to do is do the wireless settings such
as Radio Band Frequency to Standard 20 MHZ frequency,channel to 11.
Also,the advanced wireless settings to Beacon Interval=50,Frag
thres=2306 & Rts thres=2307 & then uncheck a Block Anonymous Internet
Requests & it will definately work!!!