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Can I share files between two different networks at same location?

Until TWC can offer DOCSIS 3.0 later this year or next...


- In my home I have a closet where all my audio, video and network come together.

- I have two cable modems from Time Warner

- Modem A goes to a WRT320N;

-- This router connects all my "heavy" downloads, ie. DirecTV receivers, Netflix, home server w/videos, gaming, etc.

- Modem B goes to a E2000;

-- This router connects my everyday use computers so they don't suffer poor speeds from all the traffic on Modem A


My question is, how or can I somehow share files between these two routers without the need for hitting the modems? Obviously I can just push files over the Internet but I am doing it at a much slower speed due to upload restrictions on the modem.


Thank you for any help on this!


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Re: Can I share files between two different networks at same location?

The easiest way would be to assign LAN IP to the WRT320N and disable the DHCP server. Then assign static IP addresses in 192.168.1.* to all devices connected to the WRT at the moment, e.g.,, gateway, DNS (or DNS servers of your ISP).

Now you can connect a LAN port of the WRT to a LAN port of the E2000. All DHCP clients get the IP address from the E2000 which will assign the E2000 as gateway, i.e. they use the E2000 for internet. All other devices will have static IP addresses and use the WRT as gateway.