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Can I use my WRT54G wireless router as a signal range extender?

Hello, I have a couple wireless routers in my home, and basically I guess I can only use one as the main wireless router.

I'd really like to know if I can use one, specifically my linksys WRT54G wireless G router as just a range extender for the wireless signal from the main wireless router. It would save me a bunch so that I wouldn't need to go buy an entirely new device for this. If there is ANY way.

please help

thank you
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Re: Can I use my WRT54G wireless router as a signal range extender?

You can connect as many WRTs as you like to your network if you wire them together. They create a big roaming network then (or several different networks if you want that). You have to set up the "internal" WRTs as access points, though, i.e. you don't connect them through the Internet port to your network but through a numbered LAN port. Also make sure to turn off the DHCP server on the internal WRTs and to assign them a free LAN IP address in your LAN (usually,3,4 will work).

In a roaming network there is no main router. All wireless routers are the same in this respect. Your "main" router is only defined by the fact, that it hosts the internet connection. But from the side of the wireless is does not matter. For a roaming network, make sure to assign all access points the identical SSID and wireless security settings. The only difference in the wireless settings should be the channels, where you should use different ones if possible. 1,6, and 11 are non-overlapping and thus are best to be used.

O.K. This was with a wired connection. If you actually need a wireless bridge, i.e., connect to access points through a wireless connection without any wired connection between them, then you have two options:

1. Buy access points like the WAP54G or wireless bridges like the WET54G. They have can be configured for wireless bridging. A WRT54G with standard Linksys firmware does not have this capability.

2. Get a 3rd party firmware for your WRT54G if there is one available for your hardware version. I think not all hardware versions support 3rd party firmware. Check on the label underneath the router to see what hardware version you have. Search for "WRT54G" on wikipedia. You'll find an article about the different hardware versions, which 3rd party firmware projects exist and where to download it. 3rd party firmware usually adds functions like wireless bridging to a WRT. I know HyperWRT+Thibor works well on my WRT54Gv2. Remember, however, that uploading a 3rd party firmware will void your warrenty...