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Can a router affect download speed

Does anyone know if a router affect download speed? I have a Linksys Wireless-G as my wireless router. I have Roadrunner internet and just upgraded to their "Turbo" service. The speed was suppose to increase up to 10 Mbps but when I measured it, I was still getting the same speed as when I had the standard Roadrunner (only about 4.5 Mbps). I would appreciate any comments or advice. Thanks!
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Re: Can a router affect download speed

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What is the model and version of your Linksys router?
What is the make and model of your modem?
Is the 4.5 Mbps on a wired or wireless connection to the router?
All of the Linksys wireless g routers that I am familiar with should be able to do at least 10 Mbps on a wired connection, however, wireless is usually much slower, often only 50% of wired speed.
I had a similar problem (on a wired connection) the last time I upgraded my Internet speed.  I contacted my ISP and they insisted that my line was working at the new higher speed.  I insisted that they send a technician to my home to actually measure the speed at my house.  I told them that if the line at my home was indeed working at the new higher speed, I would pay for the service visit.  But, if the line was still working at the old speed, then I would expect them to fix the problem and give me the service visit for free.  Suddenly they located the technician who worked in the telephone company office that my DSL line connected to.  The technician checked the connections, and found that the telephone company had "forgotten to flip a switch" to give me the higher speed.  Once he did this, my line speed suddenly doubled. 

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Re: Can a router affect download speed

connect the computer directly to the modem and check the internet speed..verify whether you get the same speed or not...
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Re: Can a router affect download speed

Plug the wireless computer into a LAN port and see what happens.  I've ran into the same issue, and even changed providers because of my ignorance!
My laptop is my primary computer.  I have a GIG-E LAN running through my house with a WRT-350 providing wireless-G.  When I'd run Speakeasy's test when docked I'd see my full 6M down.  Then I'd run it over wireless & peg out at 4.5M.  I called DSL tech support & they said everything looks clean on their end (I'm only 700' from the RT site with their PLS/VRAD Uverse Alcatel 7330's).  I called BrightHouse Networks and got hooked up on their "Premium" service (advertised 10M).  When docked I typically see 13M down & 1.2M up.  On wireless-G I'm still at 4.5M down...
What it comes down to is the speedtest isn't testing the speed from cable modem to internet.  It's testing from your computer to internet.  You're pegging out your wireless service far before you're pegging out your cable connection.  If speed is what you're after & you MUST use wireless you have no choice but to upgrade to wireless-N.