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Can't connect a laptop

I have an older Linksys wireless router and have a wireless adapter on my desktop that has worked flawlessly since day one.  We also own two laptops with built in wireless cards. Neither of these will connect to my home network, but they do get a signal from the neighbor across the street without any problems.
I know very little about wireless networks. I'm sure the problem is that a box isn't checked, or something simple like that.  Where should I start with this? 
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Re: Can't connect a laptop

You can try this online tool Netset that configures Windows XP computers automatically with your Linksys Wireless Router.
Click this.
It will even setup security for you. Do the same procedure on your other computer if it is also on XP. You should have no problems with that.
Goodluck! Smiley Wink
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Re: Can't connect a laptop

My computer and the adapter arent talking, and do i need a router?


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Re: Can't connect a laptop

What do you mean by the computer and the adapter is not talking, antintyty? Are you trying to install an adapter or get online wirelessly?

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