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Can't connect new Ipad to router

I purchased a new Ipad for my girlfriend.  I am trying to connect to the router, but it won't accept the password.  I had Geek Squad come out a few years ago and configure everything. I bought a new laptop 6 months ago and it connected easily, I don't think I had to use a password. 


I am using the password on the info card from GS but it won't work.  Please help, how can I connect to the network??  Do I have to reset the router?? If so, will my laptop still connect??  


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Can't connect new Ipad to router

If you reset the router , it will come back to factory default settings and your laptop will get disconnected.

I think you need to check the wireless settings.

Open the setup page of the router. Go to Wireless tab. Check the network name. Go to Wireless security tab. Check the wireless security settings and make sure that you have the correct network key. Go to Wireless MAC filter sub tab and make sure that it is disabled.

Try to connect to the wireless network again on IPAD.