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Cannot change wireless security settings - wrt54g

WRT54G v5 Firmware 1.00.9
For some reason the web based admin utility wont let me change the wireless security settings. It's the "Security Mode" drop down box that doesnt seem to work. Well, I can see all the options for the drop down box and I can select WEP (for example) but when the page refreshes, I am back at WPA Personal as my security mode - it wont change. I have cycled the power for the router to no avail.
My wireless NIC cannot use WPA, it can only use WEP. Heck, I'd be happy if I could disable the wireless security and just connect with my wireless card but no, that's also not possible.
ANy help/advice would be appreciated.
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Re: Cannot change wireless security settings - wrt54g

gary, you can also try to access the set-up page of the linksys router using another computer, and if still you cannot save the wireless settings on the router ; try to do a reflash the firmware of your router; after reflashing the firmware of the router, you need to reset the router and configure the router, then if you will have the same problem ; then call linksys tech support and have the router replaced