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Cannot connect to modem with my WPC54G ver.2 trhough my WRT54G ver.4

my system will link up but only through adhoc and un-encripted and will not connect to my modem in my desktop.
I use the WPC54G ver2 in motels all the time and it works great but at home I'm using WRT54G ver.4 to hook up to my desktop but it will not let me onto the internet. Sadly I cannot get Highspeed here without $600 or more.
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Re: Cannot connect to modem with my WPC54G ver.2 trhough my WRT54G ver.4

ok my router is not going to let me connect. Does anyone have any Idea as to what I need to connect my home PC to my notebook and allow them to share my Dial-up in the desktop?
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Re: Cannot connect to modem with my WPC54G ver.2 trhough my WRT54G ver.4

I guess you need to talk to these people about it.


they helped me too on this & I must say I was very satisfied with their service.

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