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Cascading two linksys routers

I am trying to cascade my two WRT54GL routers, but can't get my second router to see internet.

My problem:
I want to have to separate wireless networks. One network from router 1 (main router, both wireless and wired IP "clients") and a pure wireless network from router 2. I want to be sure that the guy in 1st floor that shares my adsl connection, is using the wireless network from router 2, and dont have access to network from router 1.
I thought I could accomplish this following alt 2 on the link:
Cascading the linksys router to Another Linksys Router (WAN-LAN) w-tos/cascade_linksys/ 

My setup is:
The main router IP.
specified as gateaway in router seup
DHCP server gives out IP adresser from to 10.104.211.xx.
I have internet connection using network from main router. All the IP clients/ consumers connected to main router has internet connection.

So now I want to isolate the guy in first floor to another network. I have connected ethernet cable from my main router LAN to my second router WAN (internet side).Second router is specified as gateaway IP
DHPCP server and gives out IP adresses from to 10.104.211.xx
Router IP adress is not taken by IP clients connected to main router, that means no IP conflict. But I can not get internet connection from second router.

I really appreciate if someone could help me with this.
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Re: Cascading two linksys routers

On the advanced routing page, you should check to see if your destination LAN IP is set correctly. It should be set for your first router that is going to the internet.
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Re: Cascading two linksys routers

I did get some help using live chat with linksys support yesterday. I now have internet connection from both networks. It is working now without configuration in the advanced routing tab. On both routers default values are used there (gateway and no destination IP are given).
Here is my setup:
Router 1= main router
Router 2 have cable from router 1 port 3 to internet side of router.
Router 1 is configured as DHCP server with local ip adress of, and gives out IP adresses starting from
Router 2 is configured as a static IP with local IP adress of, and internet IP adress
gateaway and static DNS1 is defined as the local IP adress of router 1.
DNS2 is defined as
Router 2 gives out IP adresses from
In the status tab
Router 1 has the IP adress, gateaways, DNS1 of 193.xxxxxxxxx
Router 2 has login type static, ip adress, default gateaway and DNS1 as local IP adress of router 1.
So using this configuration I now have two separated networks that both can see internet. However, I have lost the internet connection several times the last 30 hours. I suspect there is something in my setup that leads to a unstable router/routers. When I loose internet connection I go to the status tab on router 1 and sees that the IP adresses are not but "default" values like I then have to release and reneaw DHCP before I am online again.
Does anyone have any clue if my setup gives poor stability???
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Re: Cascading two linksys routers

Try using Static IP on Router 1 .... Also try to ping the DNS of Router 1 from router & vice versa .....