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Change old WRT54G base IP from to

Can somebody walk me through the basic steps of changing an older WRT54G that factory-shipped with as it's base IP address to IP address
If I recall correctly, it helps alleviate the IP conflict between the LinkSys router and (in my case as well as my neighbor) the Westell 2200 DSL modem, which also uses as its base IP address as shipped from the factory.
My neighbor needs to have this 'operation' performed on his LinkSys WRT54G v1.1 router.  His network has been down since Sunday and it's been over a year since I had this same operation performed on my WRT54G v1.1 router by LinkSys tech support.
A pointer to a FAQ will suffice, if one exists.
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Re: Change old WRT54G base IP from to

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open a browser then type and it will direct you to the router setup page, then under local IP or router IP address you can change to then save settings.

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