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Changing channel on my router

I have a E1000 cysco Linksys router and I would like to change the channel, not sure how.  I have a wireless headset for gaming and play online games, when I plug in the headset, I get booted off the internet.  I'm looking to change the channel so the router and the headset aren't competing for the same bandwidth.  The headset I'm using is the Ear Force X41 and I play Xbox live.  The headphones i bought are wireless, my router is wireless.


How do I change the channel?

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Re: Changing channel on my router

Welcome to the Cisco Home Community.


To change the channel of your router, Type on your browsers address bar and log in. (Default credentials is to leave username blank and type admin as the password.)


Then click here.

The Search Function is your friend.... and Google too.

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