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Changing the subnet mask on my WRT600N router

I recently installed my WRT600N router; the WAN side of this router uses a LAN network cable from my Verizon Fios router in the basement.  Computers attached to either router can access the Internet, but printers and devices on each network can't be reached from the other.  I wanted to change the subnet mask on both routers to to enable printer access, but the WRT600N will only allow the addresses in the dropdown.  How can I change this address so that I can share devices as a single network?


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Re: Changing the subnet mask on my WRT600N router

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You cannot change the subnet mask to in the WRT600N.

You will need to leave your LAN subnet mask set to in both routers.


To make your system work, you need to convert your WRT600N to a WAP (wireless access point).  To do this, do the following:


Power down your network.  Disconnect the WRT600N from all other devices, except for one computer that is wired to a LAN port on the WRT600N.  Power up the WRT600N and your computer.  Login to the WRT600N, and change the following settings:


1)  Change the "Local IP address" to an address that will be recognized by the Fios router as a fixed LAN IP address.  If you are uncertain how to pick out the appropriate address, post the URL for the User Guide for your Fios router and I will look it over and try to help with that issue.  Also post the make and exact model number for your Fios router.

2)  Set the DHCP server to "disabled".

3)  Click on "Save Settings" and wait (1 to 60 seconds) for the screen to refresh.  You will likely be disconnected from the WRT600N.  Do not worry about this. 

4)  Exit your browser and power down your entire network.

5)  Next, wire any LAN port on the Fios router to any LAN port on the WRT600N.  Do not connect anything to the Internet port on the WRT600N.

6)  Power up your network.  It should work.


Note:  In the future, you can access the WRT600N setup menu at whatever Local IP address you gave the WRT600N.  Also note that you should be able to wire your computers and printers to either router, and they should accessible from either router.  Also note that the Fios router will control all the usual router settings (DHCP server, port forwarding, etc.) and the WRT600N will only be in control of its own wireless settings.

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