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Cisco Connect: "cannot access your router"

I have bought and installed an E2500 router 4 days ago. Installation of router and network using Cisco Connect was easy and without problems. However, after 4 days of usage, not changing anything in the network nor running Cisco Connect or accessing the web interface, I tried to start Cisco Connect and got the message  "Cannot access your router".

Internet is running, router is accessible via in a browser window, Cisco Connect also works fine on my laptop.

The only solution I found on this forum is: reset your router and reinstall Cisco Connect.

... and then every 4 days resetting my router and reinstalling the software? ... that's not a solution at all.


Can anyone tell me if there is something else to do to solve the problem or should I abandon this faulty Cisco Connect software?




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Re: Cisco Connect: "cannot access your router"

There are three (3) reasons why you are getting this error message:


~~ You are trying to access your router’s wireless settings using a wireless computer connected to a different network.

~~ Your router’s wireless settings may have been changed in the web-based setup page instead of in Cisco Connect.

~~ Your router’s password may have been changed using another computer in your network.


There are three (3) ways to resolve this issue:


i. Updating Your Easy Setup Key

ii. Manually Connecting to Your Wireless Network

iii. Resetting and re-installing Cisco Connect on your main router


Here is the link which can help in resolving the issue:


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Re: Cisco Connect: "cannot access your router"

Thank you for your answer.

However, it does not solve the problem. There must be a fourth reason for Cisco Connect to not work properly, since

1) my PC (Win 7) is connected via ethernet cable, no wireless, and I have a working connection

2) I have not changed any setting using the web based router setup

3) the routers password was not changed since its initial setup, I can access the router using my wireless connected Laptop which I set up using an Easy Setup key generated on my PC.


I disabled all other (unplugged) network connections, switched off my software firewall. But Cisco Connect's only reply is "cannot access your router".

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Re: Cisco Connect: "cannot access your router"

Where is the router located?  It could be that the device is overheating, thus the issues with the router.  Try to place it somewhere where it can get enough ventilation. 

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Re: Cisco Connect: "cannot access your router"

Thanks for the suggestions,


however, there is no issue with the router.

It is clearly a mal-functioning Cisco Connect software. The software installed on my PC always throws the "Cannot access your router" error, while using Cisco Connect from my Easy Setup Key works fine (on my PC as well as from my Laptop).


I would guess that I should overwrite the PC's Cisco Connect files with those on the Easy Setup key. But I am a bit hesitant to do that. Any suggestions?