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Cisco Softphone won't connect wireless through WRT 300N

I use a Cisco IP Communicator (softphone) from my Win XP laptop.  Connect first to my distant office via VPN, then start the IP Communicator.  Works fine when I LAN connect to my WRT 300N.  Won't work wireless.  VPN connects fine;  IP Communicator won't register.  Internet browsing and other programs seem to work normally when connected wireless.
When I am away from home, I can connect and operate through hotspots & other wireless access points. 
My wife has a similar experience when trying to use her laptop-attached web cam.  Works fine when plugged into the WRT 300N but donesn't work when connected wireless.
Do I have to input the distant server's IP address into the WRT 300N to allow the connection? 
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Re: Cisco Softphone won't connect wireless through WRT 300N

Well make sure that all the wireless settings that you are having on the setup page of the router you need to put the same wireless settings on the Cisco phone & it should be able to operate.