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Cisco connect cloud

Is it operational yet ? I cant get it to work. I mean I can not associate my 4500 with it. I do what is necessary but when I punch in my router password nothing hapens. There is also no app for android besides Cisco connect express. There should be samo new app ??

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Re: Cisco connect cloud

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Re: Cisco connect cloud

1.  What is Cisco Connect Cloud?

Cisco Connect Cloud is an application you can access through the Internet.  With this, you can do the following:

  • See what's currently connected to your network, and connect more computers and devices.
  • Access router settings from anywhere using any browser, even when you're away from home.  You can personalize your router and change settings for wireless access, Internet, gaming, local network, and more.  You can even access router settings for multiple routers, which is helpful if you set up and manage more than one (1) router.
  • Allow guests in your home to use the Internet without giving them access to your network.  While on the guest network, users can surf the net, but won't be able to access your printers, other computers, or devices on your network.
  • Set Parental Controls to specify when the Internet is accessible and block specific websites.  These settings are for individual computers, not for the entire network.  So you can set different controls for computers used by children than for those used by adults.
  • Keep your streaming media running smoothly in your home.  You can easily prioritize which devices in your home get network bandwidth over others.  For example, you can give priority to the device that plays online movies over other devices.
  • Download and access apps for your network.  As your home network grows and changes, apps will be available that work with your Linksys router to do even more.  As these apps become available, you can purchase and download them using Cisco Connect Cloud.

2.  How is Cisco Connect Cloud different from Cisco Connect?

The Cisco Connect application is installed on a computer connected to your home network, and the home network settings can only be accessed while using that computer.  Cisco Connect Cloud, on the other hand, can be accessed through the Internet from any web browser, using a secure login account.  This enables you to remotely access your home router settings and activity using Cisco Connect Cloud on your home computer, your mobile phone on-the-go, or even at work.

3.  What devices work with Cisco Connect Cloud?

Cisco Connect Cloud for the web supports Android™ and iOS mobile phones and the iPad®.

NOTE:  The Cisco Connect Cloud mobile app supports Android™ and iOS phones only.

4.  Is Cisco Connect Cloud available for all Linksys routers?

Cisco Connect Cloud is compatible with Linksys EA-series routers.  It is also compatible with the E4200 v2.

5.  I bought a Linksys EA-series router before Cisco Connect Cloud was available.  How can I get it?

Once Cisco Connect Cloud is available, the next time you open Cisco Connect, you'll receive a message telling you that it's time to start using Cisco Connect Cloud.  You'll be directed to the Cisco Connect Cloud account page where you can create your secure login account.  The Cisco Connect application will then be deleted from your computer.

6.  What is the Cisco Connect Cloud account?

Because Cisco Connect Cloud is available on the web, you must create a personal account that gives you access to your home router settings.  The Cisco Connect Cloud account ensures secure access to your router, even when you're away from home.  Cisco does not share the information you enter when creating your account, it's used only to verify that you have access to your home router settings.

7.  Is there an additional cost associated with Cisco Connect Cloud?

No.  Cisco Connect Cloud and its associated account are free to Linksys EA-series router owners.

8.  How do I access my home router and network settings when I'm away from home?

Open a web browser, go to and log into your account.  You will then see all of your home router settings will be available for you to access.

9.  How do I manage my kids' Internet access?

Cisco Connect Cloud offers free Parental Controls that allow you to limit access to the Internet and specific websites for individual devices.  For example, you can set Internet restrictions on computers and devices used by your children and not affect Internet access on other computers or devices used by the adults in your home.

10.  Can I control the bandwidth being shared within the network?

Yes.  You can prioritize which devices on your network will get the most bandwidth to eliminate lag times and buffering.

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Re: Cisco connect cloud

Thanks for the info, but I already know all that facts. I login into with my account.
Everything goes well until it says to input my router password. I do that and from then on nothing happens.
The password is correct checked it several times. Have you tried it or are you using it?
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Re: Cisco connect cloud

Based on their website, cisco connect cloud will be available Summer 2012. This is probably the reason why it's still not working for you since it's not yet officially released.

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Re: Cisco connect cloud

Well the site is up.
You can even make an account and login. You are also
asked to input your router password. Why they did it if it is not
all ready? And the june IS summer
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Re: Cisco connect cloud

Yes I agree to you. June is already summer. Smiley Wink Probably it's really not officially released yet since it's just indicated on the site that it will be available June 2012 but I believe it's going to be anytime from today.

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Re: Cisco connect cloud

You were not able to associate your router because Cloud wasn't even released yet, it was only for account creation process.


I've done and associated my router today! Official release Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Cisco connect cloud

When I clicked on my "Cisco Connect" icon today, it opened up my browser to register for the 'Cisco Connect Cloud" but in the process it UN-INSTALLED The Cisco Connect application.


Is this normal.....does the Cisco Cloud now REPLACE the Cisco Connect (or should I still be using the "Cisco Connect" to log-in to my router's settings)?


This is very confusing for me. Please let me know. Thanks.

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Re: Cisco connect cloud

Yes! there's an App for Android & iOS