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Computer Loses Signal After A Restart

Okay So i have a laptop and a pc, the pc is connected directly to the router and the laptop is wirelessy connected. Now I got the laptop today and I setup everything cd first and all the steps, The internet connects but when I restart the pc I have to do execute the exe Easylink advisor told me to execute on the Laptop for the laptop to connect to the internet, is there a way where it can just stay connected without having to execute the program over and over?
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Re: Computer Loses Signal After A Restart

There is no need to execute the Easylink advisor everytime yo reboot the system. If you are using WINDOWS XP on your laptop, go to netwrok connection and then open the properties windows for wireless network connection. To go second tab that's Wireless Network and add your wireless network to preffered network list and delete other preffered networks. If you have any other operating system, configure the wireless adapter utility with a profile for your wireless network. Your PC would connect you to your network automatically