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Configuring Static Routing

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Hi, I have some issues configuring my WRT54G in my business, I've already got 2 networks and i want to create a new one with my router.. The main network where all our servers are is the (gateway, second network is (gateway

What i want to do: Create the network wich could communicate directly with the network but need to talk with the network too. I guess i should connect the in the Internet port, and the in the Ethernet ports.

How should i setup my router ?? Do i need to create Static Ip routes on my computer in the network?? Thanks!

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Re: Configuring Static Routing

Well per my knowledge you need t use static IP on router ..... provided from your Internet service provider ........
Check after connecting the network directly to the Internet port ..... ae you able to go online ......
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Re: Configuring Static Routing

How are those two existing subnets connected? How are the subnet routers wired together?
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Re: Configuring Static Routing

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The most important thing i want to know how the above two network are connected to each other. And which router you are using.
Then we will move foward