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Connecting Epson Workforce 615 to Linksys WRT54G

For the life of me I can't get my Epson Workforce 615 (610 series) All in One Printer to connect to my WRT54G router. I was on the phone with Epson for over an hour and renetered my SSID and security code 4 times. They said it was something about the router not letting it connect. The printer sees the SSID and I put my laptop in the same location as the printer and it has very good signal strength. I even took the printer back and got another one. The router does not have MAC filtering enabled. Anybody have any suggestions?
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Re: Connecting Epson Workforce 615 to Linksys WRT54G

First of all make sure that the settings you are putting on the printer of the router is correct...Open the router setup page by typing in the address bar.Check the SSID(Network Name)..If it is "linksys" then,change it to some unique name.Under the wireless tab,click on the subtab wireless security and check for the security key.If you are using WEP then,use Key1 as the security key...
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Re: Connecting Epson Workforce 615 to Linksys WRT54G

Don't know if you fixed this yet.


I am having a similar problem.  I had yours at first and figured that part out.  I was using WEP encryption and instead of entering one of the 4 keys for that router, I was using the passphrase.  Once I figured that out, It would work for a few minutes then stop.  It at least saw the connection. 


I have no mac addresses enabled, basic WEP, no port forwarding, and everything pretty much default set.  I still cannot get this thing to work from my laptop.  I have to now see if upgrading the firmware on the network card and/or resetting the router will remedy this.  2hrs with Epson to get it narrowed down to the router because it scans and prints fine from the PC (ethernet plugged into the router)  then wireless to the printer and back.  I just can't get the laptop to send/receive to that printer. 


Ohh, one more thing.  I had the same issue with my newer laptop with integrated wireless on Win 7.  The old one has XP with a Linksys wireless notebook adapter. 


WRT54g has newest firmware. 

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Re: Connecting Epson Workforce 615 to Linksys WRT54G



I updated the firmware on the router and the PC card on the XP laptop.  I knew the card was not the issue since the Win 7 laptop had the same issue.  Same problem.  It would print a test page, but after that it would hang up and fail to print. 


I should mention I tried this without security, with WEP and WPA to no avail. 


Returned the Epson to Officemax.  Reluctantly took home new replacement Workforce.  Same issue.  Since I had the same problem, I had to eliminate the other variable of perhaps a bad router.  I grabbed another working WRT54gl that runs an HP 8500 all in one on the neighbor's network without issue.  Updated his firmware on that (because he needed it) and uninstalled everything on all pcs.  Reinstalled everything on all pcs.  Same issue.  7 hrs in and frustrated as can be, we returned the Epson and bought an HP 6500.  Installed it without a hitch and now have a quieter printer that works. 


I wish I could say that Epson was the problem for sure, but if that was the case, I suppose I would not have been here on the forum.  I'll let you be the judge. 


Good luck to all.

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Re: Connecting Epson Workforce 615 to Linksys WRT54G

I found this thread after the Linksys customer support representative told me the router I needed assistance with was no longer under warrantee and they wanted to charge $39.99 to solve the issue. Well I saved the money and hope my experience can help others.

Here’s what happened: 
II was recently asked by a family in the neighborhood to help them connect their Epson Workforce 615 to their wireless home network. Having setup many networks and adding printers to networks I thought it would be a snap. Well I was wrong. 
First, the network wizard on the Epson Workforce would not properly configure to printer to work with this particular router – Linksys Wireless-N WRT160N (I tested it with an older model linksys router and it connected right away. This helped me isolate the problem as a network issue as opposed to a “Epson Printer” problem.) So if you are having trouble connecting your printer you may need to do it the “old fashioned way” – manually.
** Note be sure have your Print drivers installed on your computer before attempting to add you printer manually.**
To setup your Epson Workforce 615 to the network follow the steps below:
Confirming the Network Settings:
Go to the Home screen of the printer control panel, select Setup.
Select Network Settings.
Select Confirm Network Settings.
Check the IP address and connection. 
If the all-in-one has an IP address and WLAN has a connection, write down the IP address displayed on the LCD. (You can also get this info from the DHCP table by going to the router’s admin page – http:// )
Next  - follow the steps below to add your printer.
In your computer click on Start menu > Control Panel > Printers and Faxes.
Find and click on Add Printer icon.
Click Add Printer then click Next.
Select Local Printer attached to this computer and unchecked Automatically detect and install my Plug and Play printer then click Next.
Click Create a new port and on Type of Port select EpsonNet Print Port.
If you see your printer, select your printer then click Next.
If you don't see your printer select Manual Setting then click Next.
Enter your printer's IP address then click Next.
Click on Finish.
Under manufacture select Epson and under printer select your printer Epson WorkForce 615 (It is at the bottom of the list) then click Next.
Select default Printer then click Next.
Select do not Share this printer then click Next.
Select Yes to print a test page then click Next.
Click Finish. 
I hope this helps!


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Re: Connecting Epson Workforce 615 to Linksys WRT54G

YOU'RE A GENIUS!  Yours is the ONLY post I was able to find anywhere that works for my Verizon FIOS Actiontec mi424wr router and the Epson Workforce 635!


Thank you SO much!